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Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora

      Blessings for all  

 “Offering Seva in Devsthan is a powerful way to speedily wash the sins done in earlier & present life.”


 Volunteer (Devsthan-Seva)


Do the seva in the Devsthan and the Siddha Vriksha Temple.

The Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devstahn Anjora offers the opportunity for all the devotees irrespective of any caste, culture, religion, nationality, qualification to contribute as Sevadars (volunteers) in the Devsthan and Siddha Vriksha Temple Anjora.

Whatever your post whatever your qualification is and whatever your age is you can contribute to the Devsthan and Siddha Vriksha. Whether you are a doctor, civil engineer, electrical engineer architect, electrician, computer engineer or have any other qualification or don’t have any degree and are illiterate you can offer your seva to the Devsthan and the temple. everybody has the opportunity to become sevadar (volunteer) in their capacity. 

There are many works going in the Devsthan and Temple daily.

For illiterate and for semi illiterate persons Devsthan have works ranging from brooming, mopping, gardening, cleaning the utensils of the temple, preparing food for the parsadam for the devotees and other related works. The work is carried by the joint efforts of the devotees.

The seva can be of few minutes to few hours ranging from one day to many days. The sevadars decide how much time they want to give to the volunteer work. People who want to contribute voluntarily as sevadars in the Devsthan and the Siddha Virksha Temple can do so by registering their name either by online or at the temple office. 

In different ways the people right from young to old from illiterate to qualified professionals can contribute and offer their seva (volunteer) to the Devsthan.

For more details contact the temple premises Seva incharge to know more about it

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