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Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora

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The Spiritual Guide


As spiritual guide he is the one who opens up the divine dimension before you. He is the one to whom, listening, reading and remaining in presence of his illuminating being you start a new journey that is spiritual journey in your life. People are pulled at him by the force of the gravitational individuality. And when you are attracted toward him you are also attracted within you. That attraction is not one sided it is double sided. You are bounded to be soaked in the presence of unique individual.   

As spiritual dimension he is showing the way to the many and has been responsible in adding the new dimension and qualities that are bestowed to us in the presence of a graceful master.

He has brought the change into the lives of many by giving us the vision to see the world and explore our self. In his presence disciples, devotees, followers experience miracles, divinity, joy, bliss, celebration.  

People in their ignorance in their darkness have bear the burden of non spiritual as spiritual and that which they have considered to be the spiritual has only stopped them from living a spiritually fulfilled life. You start developing the clarity; a certain understanding starts coming on to you about differentiating which is spiritual and that which is non spiritual. A balance starts coming in the life because we have always lived imbalanced life by either giving too much importance to the material or too much to the spiritual and he shows us to take the life where the both ends and the both dimensions merge into one another to form a perfect harmony between them and life a life not against one other not one over other but by the combination of material and spiritual. He uses the methods of the world to go beyond the world he uses the techniques of the know world to step into the unknown world that is mesmerizing. By his powerful ways people are helped to get centered in their being.

Remaining with him means, in every dimension life touches the ultimate it like you are listening the ultimate, experiencing the ultimate, encountering the ultimate, are in a state of the ultimate, accomplishing the ultimate.

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