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Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora

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                      The Mystic

H.H. The Gaurav Narayan sees into the unknown extensions of the existence which remained undisclosed to the people and brings out the hidden secretes into the known realms of the world with great ease.

As a mystic he reveals the universal truths that goes beyond any beliefs, traditions, gender and caste and applies equally to everybody. He not only demystifies the mysteries of life, enlighten about religion but also expresses them in the manner that anybody and everybody can understand it. Exploring the mysteries of existence cannot be the product of mind these mysteries are beyond the reach of mind these mysteries have descended to H.H. Gaurav Narayan in the conscious state of being. These great mysteries have unfolded through him and they are the gift from the existence and also a proof that what man is capable of when he steps into the unknown. His ground breaking discoveries of the cosmos equally benefit the scientists and researchers as well as for the person who is moving on the path of spirituality. He not only unveils the mysteries for the people who are interested in the self realization path but also for the doctors and researchers working in laboratories. He equally touches the subject of science and religion.

His devices are for opening up a new dimension in you and exploring the new horizons in your life continuously.

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