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Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora

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Devsthan Adhipati (Divine Place Potentate)


H.H. is also blessed with being the Potentate of the MANOKAMNA SIDDHA VRIKSHA DEVSTHAN ANJORA. "Divine Place Potentate" also means "Devsthan Adhipati" in Hindi. The Devsthan comprises of the divine Siddha Vriksha Temple and other adjoining premises to the main temple. The holy tree is there which is believed to have the mystical and wish fulfilling qualities if the devotees pray from the sincere mind.

Currently the head of the MANOKAMNA SIDDHA VRIKSHA DEVSTHAN ANJORA is H.H. THE GAURAV NARAYAN. H.H. is enthroned in the seat of the MANOKAMNA SIDDHA VRIKSHA DEVSTHAN ANJORA. H.H. is coronate with the title of Devsthan Adhipati. Devsthan Adhipati also means the Divine Place Potentate in English. Devsthan is lighten with the radiance of his glow and blith. H.H. The Gaurav Narayan is enthroned as the Potentate in seat of the Holy Gyan Simhansan (Holy Wisdom Throne).

Devsthan conducts and organizes various rites in general and special days. Other relgious and sacred activities also happens from them to time.

POTENTATE H.H. SRI GAURAV NARAYAN through his divine vision guides through his ground breaking discourses to the scientific community like the doctors, scientists, researchers about the ultimate level in medical science and about finding the cures of sickness.

Potentate H.H. also gives his discourses and guides the general public of followers, devotees, disciples without distinction of religion, caste, creed, nationality.

Devsthan Adhipati H.H. bless the people and graces with enlightening guidance in solving the problems faced by the people in their life and also shows the ways on how to make spiritual progress in one’s life attainting the moksha or the nirvana or the salvation by aligning one’s life in the direction by doing the activities that will lead to the final liberation without ever going to the forests and doing the hard monastic practices that are only limited to the sages.

The sacred revelations descended directly from the cosmos to the POTENTATE H.H. SRI GAURAV NARAYAN will be shortly published in the form of the divine granth for the welfare of the humanity.

Several arrangements are on its way to start projects that range from establishing the hospitals to the scientific laboratories and monasteries for the service of the humanity. For service to the mankind in divine compassion Potentate H.H. is meeting with several people from around the countries and is exploring the various opportunities to spread the social work and spirituality in different parts of the country and world. 

POTENTATEH.H. SRI GAURAV NARAYAN is a man of intelligence who is a writer, author, revealer, orator and the one who delivers powerful and touching solutions prominently with unconventional wisdom that transcends the human boundaries.

For the serving the welfare of the world and humanity the several projects of starting hospitals, Monasteries, Scientific laboratories is proposed.

For finding the possibilties of starting the social and spritual work ocean of tenderness Potentate H.H. Sri. Gaurav Narayan is meeting with the general and renowned people of different nations. Filled with the pleistocene intelligence Potentate H.H. Sri. Gaurav Narayan do lustrous and powerful conciliation that are supplemented with non traditional intelligence and that go beyond the normal capacities of human.

By untiring and pure attempts he is gracing the manking with material and spritual progress.

The Devsthan is giving important and priceless contribution for the spritual radiance of the world under the able guidance of H.H. The Devsthan is spreading the blessings to the suffering humanity.


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Email: office@gauravnarayan.com, www.gauravnarayan.com

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