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Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora

      Blessings for all  

Appeal to Devotees

Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora seat is enthroned by the Devsthan Adhipati Param Pawan Sri Gaurav Narayan. He is coronate in the holy Gyan Simhasan (Holy Wisdom Throne).

Contribute/ send the donation through money order/ Indian postal order to the name of H.H. GAURAV NARAYAN only and do not send it in others name. To know more about the details of the H.H. GAURAV NARAYAN go through click here.

All the donations must be sent to:



Tehsil: durg, district durg,

Chhattisgarh, India

Pin code- 491001

Charity boxes/donation boxes are kept in the premises of the Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora..

Devsthan has not appointed/elected nominated any representative (a person or institute) to collect the donation. Please do not give donation to anybody asking in the name of Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan Anjora you will be deceived.

For proper uses of your donation donate in the donation box placed in the Devsthan or send the money order/ postal order in the address given of the Devsthan.

Please contact directly Devsthan office/ counters for any further information about the pujas/ rituals/ celebrations or about giving the donations in kind.

After sending money order devotees can choose to fill the donation details form given in the donation details link of the official website of the Devsthan. Filling the Donation details form will be beneficial for the devotees as the Devsthan office will be able to proceed the requests of the devotees earlier.

Devotees who are sending the money order for the Siddha Vriksha Bhoga or for the Siddha Vriksha Manokamna Veshesh Aarti or for the deep Aaradhana their other information like name of the person in whose name the Vishesh Aarti will happen and on which day it will have to be conducted and gotra (family lineage) and other details can be mentioned in the donation details form.

Devotees can scan the copy of the money order receipt and upload in the donation details form.

Indian postal department allows maximum of five thousand rupees to be sent in the money order so those devotees who are offering the Mahabhoga to the Manokamna Siddha Vriksha deity they must send the five thousand rupees money order two times after ten to fifteen minutes of interval and then fill the donation details form.

Those devotees who want to donate more than the ten thousand rupees they can contact the Devsthan’s inquiry office and can know more information. Inquiry number and email address of the inquiry department is given in the website’s contact page.

Various religious, spiritual, Devsthan and charity works goes on. To participate into these works and to become volunteers devotees are welcomed and can contact the Devsthan office and can know more about.

For knowing more and participating into the manokamna siddha vorksha utsav (festival) and for taking the Divya Darshan of the Siddha Vriksha Diety and participating in other festivals inquire at the Devsthan’s inquiry office/ counter.

Before going inside the Siddha Vriksha devotees must take of their shoes, slippers, chappals, sandals into the room provided for keeping the foot ware. Only 5 rupees are taken for keeping the foot ware.

Before entering the Manokamna Siddha Vriksha gates devotees should not keep with them any mobile, camera, bag, purse inside. All the belongings must be kept outside the gate in the cloak room provided by the devsthan.

For keeping the mobile, purse, bag or other baggage is only 10 rupees per baggage.

Before taking the darshan of the Siddha Vriksha visitors must keep their belongings in cloakroom that is in the Devsthan only.

Taking photographs/ video of the Siddha Vriksha is prohibited.

There are no restrictions on the entry of the people of any particular caste, creed, religion, but all the devotees irrespective of any religion, caste and creed must follow the minimum rules of entering the shrine. Foreigners need to register themselves in advance to know the religious rituals before entering the gates of the holy shrine from the office of the Devsthan or the Office of Administration of H.H. The Gaurav Narayan (www.gauravnarayan.com) or contacting at the inquiry section of the Manokamna Siddha Vriksha Devsthan. The permission to enter the holy site is generally granted to the foreigners except in some cases. The permission rules are for maintaining the sanctity of the site and the rules are simple but needs to be followed by the visitors.

 For offering the Monakamna prarthana and Manokamna dhaga can be taken inside the Devsthan by the devotees.

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